What is Tarot?

Tarot is a form of divination that uses a traditional 78 card deck containing 22 trump (major arcana) and 56 pip (minor arcana) cards. The art of tarot has been practiced for over 600 years.

The cards are laid out in different combinations called spreads and are interpreted by the diviner to give insight into the querent’s life.

Tarot readings can be used to shed light onto current circumstances and to look into possibilities that lie in the future.


What are Oracles?

Oracle cards are more modern decks that are used in a similar way as the traditional tarot. The main difference is that each oracle has different number of cards and different themes.

The Oracle Decks we use Include:

  • Medicine Cards (Based on Native American Spirit Animal Mythology)
  • The Enchanted Maps
  • Angel Cards
  • Nature’s Whispers
  • The Heart Of Faerie
  • The Faerie Oracle
  • Energy Cards