Elizabeth Rain


Victoria Smoke

Elizabeth Rain


I provide divination and counseling for clients seeking guidance from an alternative spiritual perspective.

With over 30 years of tarot divination experience, I have spent my adult life studying, practicing and teaching the occult arts, paganism, Wicca, psychology, and mythology.

My readings reveal what influences are around you, and how to take advantage of sunny or stormy circumstances.

I believe in free will, not fate, so I focus on the present and your available choices. The reading is not a final word etched in stone, it is the Way things are Flowing. You can move with the Flow or against it, but its good to know which way it’s going.


A reading shows you how best to take advantage of sunny or stormy circumstances. tarot casts new light on any problem and reveals the consequence of actions. tarot allows my clients to make choices based on viewing the cards as a mirror of our life events.

For me, divination is a mirror to hold up for others. I help them understand the images that come from the cards and what they mean in relation to the person’s life. I always check with the individual’s sense of fit and enquire into deeper understanding as we go, whilst respecting their boundaries.

Good news or bad, I will tell you – but it’s pretty obvious by the look of the cards. If it’s good – we celebrate! If not, we find the silver lining or the way out. Either way, I will prescribe a healing crystal for meditation.

Be the Fool and follow the Seeker’s Quest. Divination is the Way of the Wyrd – the way things are flowing! You can move with the flow or against it, but knowing where you stand is a good start. Tarot is key.

Victoria Smoke

Victora joins Seeker’s Quest from May to September in the tarot tent as we travel around the Hamilton area to fairs and festivals.

Victoria is a 7th generation psychic in her family whose roots are in the jungles of South America, she has been reading and creating tarot cards since her childhood, and is a daily devoted diviner. Victoria’s talent as a visual artist is linked to her ability to see meaning and messages in images. We offer Victoria’s hand-wrapped crystal pendants and charms when we’re on tour.