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Tarot cards are about 700 years old and started out as a game. Our modern playing cards developed from them. Just like them, tarot has 4 suits: Cups (hearts), Wands (clubs), Swords (spades) and Pentacles (diamonds). Tarot also has Ace-King, and another face card – Page, for a total of 56 “Minor Arcana”. These cards represent the kinds of issues we face as humans on a daily basis. As well, tarot has 22 “Major Arcana”. These trump cards represent steps on the path to enlightenment. When they appear, some major event or lesson is appearing in your life.
Just like with regular playing cards, each card’s value stays constant, but the meaning of it depends where that card is laid down. Just as regular cards have different games, tarot cards have different spreads. The meaning of the card depends on the place it occupies in the tarot spread. As well, when a tarot card appears reversed, the meaning of the card changes to its opposite, or indicates the meaning is restrained or hidden. The real magic happens when the Seeker (or Reader) shuffles, cuts, selects and lays down the cards while thinking about their situation. According to the Law of Attraction, or Quantum Effects, you will attract the most appropriate card to illustrate your situation. It is the job of the Reader to interpret the meaning as it relates to your life.
‘Psychic’ is a general term that refers to the ability to send and receive images and messages in the mind. There is a broad spectrum of psychic ability and practice. Here are some of the names for that ability. I am a psychic empathic cartomancer. Diviner: someone who interprets images or other signs revealed by objects. Cartomancer: someone who interprets meaning revealed by cards. Tasseomancer: someone who interprets meaning revealed by tea leaves. Palmist: someone who interprets the lines revealed in palms of hands. Clairvoyant: someone who sees images with or without the use of objects. Clairaudient: someone who hears messages with or without the use of objects. Clairsentient: someone who feels emotions with or without the use of objects. Empath: someone who feels the emotions and mental state of another person. Medium: someone who can communicate with the spirits of those who have passed.
Yes. I can read the signs for the complexities and probable success or failure in any area, but it is against the law for me to give medical, financial or legal advice per se.
I will never turn down a reasonable request to read cards for an adult of sound mind. There are some conditions in which it would be irresponsible for me to give a reading, such as if the Seeker is intoxicated, mentally impaired or under age. (Although there is no age limit for a tarot reading proscribed by the law, for younger Seekers I will use oracle cards such as Angels or Animals, which give more age-appropriate messages.)
Not very likely. There is a Death card, but it doesn’t usually mean a person’s physical death. In some tarot decks, the Death card is called Transformation. It usually refers to the final end of something and the big transformation that happens afterwards. It could refer to the end of a relationship, a job, or any other situation that is finishing for good. On the other hand, if someone is sick with a terminal disease, then the Death card may indicate that person’s approaching death, which has the benefit of giving you time to come to grips with the news. A combination of very dire cards could warn of impending danger that could end in death, but I have never seen it in 40 years of readings.In that case, avoiding the danger would prevent the death.
A tarot reading is a “psychic radar” to see where you are heading. If the energies for love and marriage are active at present, we can see that in the cards. Tarot doesn’t answer questions like ‘who’ or ‘when’precisely. There are so many choices you can make and so many things can happen in the present that will change the future, its much more important to focus your reading on the here and now so that you can manifest it in your future.
There are cards for fertility and family that indicate the likelihood of having a baby, but it would be related to the present time (as in the next couple of months), not so much for the distant future.
Some people can, but not me. That is the job of a medium.